We fix computers and we love doing it.

We're open 24/7 and we're located everywhere.

Just make a call, and we'll show up on your doorstep. You don't have to disconnect your computer. You won't have to mess with anything.

We're cheap.
We're efficient.
We're good.

Since 1995.



  • Computer Repair @ $20/hour, $35 for the first hour (the majority of calls last less than 2 hours)
    • Residential and Business Computer Repair
    • Cleaning Inside and Out
    • House Calls
    • Overhauls
    • Lessons
    • Upgrades
    • On-Location Installs
    • Wifi and Wired network installs and repairs
  • Web Design and Programming @ $20/hour
    • Ground-up Designs and Programming
    • CMS Management
    • Custom Themes
    • Javascript Programming and Optimizations
    • PHP Programming and Optimizations
    • SEO
    • Code Clean Up
    • Reprogramming
    • For what it's worth, besides the jQuery, I coded this entire website from scratch.
  • 3D Modeling @ $35/hour
    • Custom models for native games
    • Custom models for hi-res renderings
    • Custom models for online games
    • Game environments
    • Geometry geared for CNC machines
    • Photo compositing
  • Graphic Design @ $20/hour
    • Custom Logos
    • Custom Themes
    • Digital Ads
  • Photoshop w/ per job estimate
    • Photo Touch-ups
    • Photo Restoration
    • Blemish and Wrinkle touch-ups
    • Magic stuff
  • Custom Programming w/ per job estimate
    • Boutique Programs
    • Custom Spreadsheets
    • Custom Macros and Scripts
  • And so much more. Just ask.


That guy with the bull horn wasn't originally in the pic...

Vote Kreegier / Asuma in 2020

A quick infograph I made of the network I created for Boondocks.

One of many custom menu covers made for Boondocks.

The appetizer page for the Boondocks menu.

My fictional record company.

A fun graphic I made for Facebook.

One day I decided that all the different "departments" at Boondocks should have their own seal. This was mine.

Pumpkins aren't a specialty, but hey, we all like to have fun every now and again.


A fun composite done for Earth Day.

Picture taken by Kate Paul, post editing done by Robert Kreegier.

Completely rendered in Photoshop.

Fyi, that hat wasn't originally in the photo.

Promotional photo for Boondocks. Post editing in Photoshop.

Complex composite of a photo, hand-written code, 3D geometry, philosophy and photoshop filters.

Guitarist crossing.

Mmmm, a connective tissue logo.


A castle model commissioned for an online game.

Concept submarine. Rendered in Bryce.

Bridge 01. Bridge model for an online game.

Bridge 02. Bridge model for an online game.

Bridge 03. Bridge model for an online game.

Another commission for an online game.

A mechanical bee model.

A hut for an online game

Flying skeleton. Modeled in Rhino3D, rendered in Bryce.

Spray can model.

A lone tree rendering. Rendered in Bryce.

Rendering of some igloos in Bryce.

Commission for an album cover.

A set of models for a market in an online game.


The Boondocks website. Completely coded from scratch. All graphics made in-house. Most photos taken by Jeremy Johnson of Townline Photography. All post editing done by Robert Kreegier of Iron Rock Computing.

Online survey application custom coded from scratch for Boondocks. Server side scripting done in PHP. Serves up a coupon if the user hasn't gone through the survey yet, matching multiple user details against a database to check for previous attempts.

Online till calculator custom coded from scratch for Boondocks. Formated for desktop and mobile devices. Does the end-of-shift till reports for Boondocks. Capability to add reports to a database for future record keeping.

This is the previous till calculator transformed into an advanced online accounting application. Some changes include a real-time indication of how much should be withheld each day for taxes or other bills. Each report is securely stored in a database and can be pulled up at any time and modified. There is also the capability to run reports on the stored data such as sales totals and tax withholding totals for monthly reporting to the IRS. Features are constantly being added. This application can be modified to fit any business and has the potential to save a business thousands of dollars. Contact us for details on how you can use this application for your own business.


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